Out Now: TUHKA - Antologia CD 17 June 2022

TUHKA - Antologia CD [Nykta 063]

"The essence of TUHKA is pain, human suffering, the beast within, mystery & philosophy of death, exploration of man’s primitive roots, altered states of consciousness, solitude, deep forests, mesmerizing cosmos and a trancelike stillness in the twilight, between illuminating darkness and blinding light..."

Nykta proudly presents TUHKA! "Antologia" is a special compilation CD including Demo material plus an unreleased track. Minimal Hypnotic Black Metal from Finland with strong electronic influences. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Nacht und Gnosis Repress 12 March 2022

NACHT UND GNOSIS - Det Warder Sådt i Skröplighet och Skal Upstå ur Kraft CD [Second Edition]

Avant Garde Ambient Black Metal from Sweden - Limited in 200 hand numbered copies.

7 tracks of Dalecarlian underground soundscapes from the trio of NACHT UND GNOSIS. A debut album crafted from Black Metal, Dark Ambient & Industrial. Recorded in various sessions by Entiteten, B Åström & Shrouded in Fog with guest appearances and assistance from among others, Wagner Ødegård, Johan Gabrielson, L. Niantiel etc.